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In the beautiful country of Mexico, full of culture and biodiversity in which 12 different ecosystems can be found, Verde ITAM is in charge of the Global Partnership. These ecosystems have not always had it easy, but youth can change this.

Who we are

This year, the team is reaching out to the public by organizing webinars to motivate people to actively participate in actions against global warming, and by starting a YouTube channel in which relevant environmental issues are presented in a fun way. As COVID-19 will be followed by an economic crisis, we are in contact with farmers to help them sell their locally grown and healthy products in the city. In addition, we are developing databases for the financial sector, which will estimate the effects caused by climate change. Finally, we are providing financial advice to the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas. With this project, we try to strengthen the conservation of species at risks in these NPA’s. 


Aldo Muller
Hi, I’m the President of Verde ITAM. I’m getting my Bachelor degree on Economics and I have been part of Verde ITAM since 2017. I designed the current organizational structure and the social service program. My role is to coordinate all the departments of the organization, make strategic alliances, propose expenditure plans for the budget, lead the environmental public policy analysis team, participate on the Data Science department and to maintain the relationship with international agencies and external organizations to Verde ITAM.

WAT-Mexico Aldo

Vale Vargas
As Treasurer of Verde ITAM, my job is to manage and oversee the organisation’s finances. Someof responsibilities include preparing semestral budgets and reports of expenses. I make sure all of our expenses are justified and benefit our community. I believe that transparency is the most important part of my job. 

WAT-Mexico Vale

Carla Casas
I study international relations and I am also the vice president of Verde ITAM. I am the bridge between the students needs, the universities ecological projects, and the institutional representatives and professors. I’m also in charge of taking care of Verde ITAM’s members welfare and promoting teamwork spirit as well as gender equality within our team.

WAT-Mexico Carla

Hi! I am Patricia and I am in charge of the volunteerism department. My work is to organize panels, workshops and other ways of interacting to discuss ways to fight the climate crisis and to motivate more people to take action in this big crisis we are facing.

WAT-Mexico Patricia

As I am in charge of the Data and Environmental Research Department, I coordinate the efforts and resources in our team and oversee the projects that could have an impact on environmentalism and the environmental science from the local level up to the international scenario.

WAT-Mexico Milo

I’m Sofia and I’m in charge of green campus. The actions we take on this section of our student organization are focused on making our school a little more ecological and sustainable. We are planning on becoming the first green university on Mexico City. Some of our plans include getting more agendas on PDF instead of printed, putting up an orchard, lowering plastic usage, and others.

WAT-Mexico Sofia

I’m Montse and I’m in charge of the communications department. We generate all the content that is published on social networks. Amongst other things, we make informative videos for the youtube channel, support other associations by generating infographics and content for social networks and we create our own content where we share news, fun facts and tips. 

WAT-Mexico Montse

Country background

The current Mexican government doesn’t take the climate crisis as a top priority. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the current president of Mexico, has set Mexico´s energy sovereignty as his main goal, and fossil fuel are the main drivers to accomplish it. López Obrador´s government has taken steps backwards by favoring fossil fuels over renewable energy generation, which is explained by Mexico´s long history of oil sovereignty. There are many government projects where environmental factors are being ignored that also concern the environmental associations in Mexico like ours. One example is the Dos Bocas Refinery.

One of the biggest plans on the agenda is the construction of a Dos Bocas Refinery in southern state in the Gulf of Mexico, Paraíso, Tabasco. The main concern of this energy infrastructure project are the associated environmental costs. Is this refinery actually economically viable? And does this project take its environmental consequences into account?

The refinery is still under construction with an announced budget of 8 billion dollars, and the Environmental Energy Regulator (ASEA) has granted the the construction permit. However, the real ecosystem damage remains to be seen. In Verde ITAM our main concern is the vegetation loss, flora, fauna, but mainly the important presence of our mangrove trees. 

Although the outlook we are facing right now in our country is really delicate, we are not going to give up before this reality.

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