Who we are | Chile

This endlessly long country with a huge diversity in culture and environment, is also one of the most vulnerable to climate change. Ceus Chile do everything they can to not let climate change destroy parts of their country.

Who we are

The team in Chile consists of Ceus Chile, which is a non-profit organisation that functions as a network of sustainable students, technicians and professionals. We bring people from different disciplines and different parts of the country together.

The project has advanced in Chile. During the second half of 2019, we were working on our Youth Climate Action Agenda, which we completed and launched in December. Since then (and with difficulties due to the conditions of the country and the world) we have been working with different social actors to achieve political incidence. 

You can read our agenda here: Spanish version; English version.


WAT-Chili Isabella
Isabella Villanueva (President)
WAT-Chili Paula
Paula Castillo (Vice-President)
WAT-Chili Fabián
Fabián Provoste (Secretary)
WAT-Chili Alexandra
Alexandra Fuenzalida (Executive Director)


Country background

Chile is a long and narrow country in southern Latin America. We have a great diversity, both from an environmental and cultural point of view. Our country has the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Andes Mountains on the other. We have one of the driest deserts in the world in the north (Atacama Desert) and Patagonia in the far south. But we are also one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, as we live in an extensive drought and our biodiversity is in constant violation by different failures of our system. Since October 2019 we are in a particular scenario: a social crisis without precedent in the last 40 years exploded and the country has lived mobilized since. 

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